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Rice360 honors Jan Duncan with Global Champion Award at 2023 graduate recognition & awards breakfast

Rice360 global health technologies 2023 graduates and honorees

On May 5, Jan Duncan and Dr. Elizabeth Spiegel ’11 were honored along with the graduating Rice360 global health technologies students at the Rice360 Institute for Global Health Technologies graduate recognition and awards breakfast.

Rice360 honorees Jan Duncan and Dr. Elizabeth Spiegel

Duncan, a philanthropist who supports local and global efforts to improve health, was presented with Rice360’s Global Champion Award. Spiegel, a doctor at the University of California San Francisco, was recognized with the Rice360 Alumni Leadership Award for her research in measuring culture-specific perceptions of disability.

From left, Rice360 co-director and University Professor, Rebecca Richards-Kortum, Jan Duncan, Dr. Elizabeth Spiegel, and Rice360 co-director and Bioengineering Professor, Maria Oden

Photos by Esalee Andrade-Guerrero

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