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Natalie Mitchell

Fellowship range: 2021-2022

Hometown: Ambato, Ecuador

Fun Fact: My goal is to step on the equator in all continents it passes through. Up next: Asia!

Undergraduate: LeTourneau University, Biomedical Engineering

Project (technology): Validation Studies (Clinical trials)

Stage of project: Clinical testing

Goal for project: Validate prototypes in-country and in-hospital to move projects forward to provision

Why global health?

I was born in Texas, and my family moved to Ecuador when I was 9. This broadened my view to a global perspective. I came back to Texas for college, where I participated in a research project that brought me to Kenya. There I was able to see, again, the need for relevant medical technology in low-income settings.

During my junior year of college, I decided that higher education research was not for me. However, with Rice360, I am doing more than research – I am involved in solving tangible, current problems around the world, helping to provide lasting change those who need it the most.

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