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Fellowship: May 2021 - August 2021

Hometown: Houston, TX

Undergraduate: The University of Texas at Austin, Biomedical Engineering, B.S.

Graduate: Rice University, Applied Bioengineering, MBE

Fun Fact: I love putting croutons on my cereal for a savory breakfast!

Project: Respiratory Tech: OxyTech & ArtemisHFNC

Laura is responsible for landscaping unmet needs in respiratory care and resolving these gaps with the development of respiratory technologies at Rice360. OxyTech is an affordable oxygen analyzer tool intended to empower technicians by diagnosing and fixing problems with medical oxygen concentrators. ArtemisHFNC is a low-cost universal high flow nasal cannula intended to reduce mortality due to respiratory distress.

Stage of Project and goal: Both devices are currently at a minimally viable product stage where a functional and affordable prototype has been developed and are currently being tested for validation for implementation.

Why Laura chose global health?

Prior towards joining Rice360, Laura was in a global initiative in resolving resource allocation by developing essential ventilators for children due to the pandemic. Her passion towards innovating accessible technologies has made her driven to provide universal health & clinical care with sustainable solutions.


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