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Josh Coyle

Fellowship range: 2021 - 2023

Hometown: Cumberland, Maine

Fun Fact: My twin and I were born on Halloween.

Undergraduate: University of Washington, Bioengineering, B.S.

Project: BreathAlert

Stage of project: Development stage

Goal for project:

To provide continuous or occasional respiration monitoring to detect and prevent respiratory distress syndrome or apnea of prematurity in premature newborns, or pneumonia and apnea in children under 5. Pneumonia is the leading cause of childhood death worldwide, and apnea can indicate underlying conditions including sepsis, hypoglycemia, or anemia. Apnea affects ~50% of infants born earlier than 32 weeks gestational age and ~100% of those born at fewer than 28 weeks.

Why global health?

I’ve been inspired to work in global health since reading the WHO’s “Diseases of Poverty and the 10/90 Gap” report in a high school geography class. Since then, I’ve aimed to help meet undeniable global health needs with solutions centered in technology, empathy, and justice.


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