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David Kimmey

Fellowship Range: 2021-2023

Hometown: Lakewood, Colorado

Fun Fact: I have named a historical landmark in Colorado.

Undergraduate: Colorado State University,

Mechanical Engineering, B.S. & Biomedical Engineering, B.S.

Project: Celsi Warmer

Stage of Project: The project is currently in the alpha prototype stage and just finished a round of clinical trials in Malawi.

Goal for Project: Hypothermia greatly increases the probability of mortality in neonates. The Celsi Warmer is a self-regulating warming mattress designed specifically for low resources areas that helps treat hypothermic babies. The project is currently in alpha prototype. Over the next two years the goals are to move into a beta prototype, receive a CE marking and move into pilot production.

Why Global Health?

Engineering in global health is fascinating because it forces you to innovate technology in such a way that it remains technologically effective and economically accessible for low resource settings. This combination is both interesting, challenging, and fulfilling. I was initially exposed to global health after working with the Range of Motion Project in Quito, Ecuador during undergrad. I’m very excited to be contributing to Rice360’s mission and look forward to seeing the impact it has.