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Breanna Kilgore

Breanna received her Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Arkansas. During her time at the University of Arkansas, Breanna was a tutor and peer mentor, Vice President of the National Society for Black Engineers, and involved with a study abroad program in Geneva, Switzerland for global health policy. As a Rice360 Global Health Fellow, Breanna will lead the continued the development of the Colostomates project, a low-cost and reusable ostomy appliance for uninsured and underinsured populations. Breanna will also work on the Low-cost Cervical Cancer Instructional Apparatus (LUCIA), a clinical training model for screening and diagnosis of cervical cancer. Finally, Breanna will participate in Clinical Needs Finding as part of the biodesign process, working with local and international clinicians to understand health needs that can be addressed through innovative, low-cost technical solutions.


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