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Abby Chapin

Fellowship range: 2021-2023

Hometown: Schoolcraft, MI

Fun Fact: I am an aspiring ceramicist

Undergraduate: University of Michigan, Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Art & Design

Graduate: University of Michigan, Design Science, M.S with a

focus in equity in healthcare

Project: Colostomates

Stage of project: Design evaluation, usability testing, and clinical trials

Goal for project: To continue to develop this design through usability testing, functional testing, and clinical trials. My goal is to bring this concept closer to manufacturing and distribution.

Why global health?

I found global health through my experience in human centered and socially engaged design while in undergrad, and I worked on a medical device design project for my senior design. After that project I knew I wanted to continue to work and research in that space because it combined my interest in engineering and product development with human centered and socially engaged design. The field is also continually evolving and needs innovation, so it will also be a continuous learning opportunity.


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