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Holistic Care Key to Newborn Care in Malawi Study

In 2016, the laudable progress made in reducing child mortality in Malawi by 73% between 1992 and 2016 motivated researchers from the University of Malawi and University of British Columbia (UBC) to learn more about the lagging improvements during the same time period for newborns under one-month old.

According to a new research summary, improving outcomes for small and sick newborns involves a holistic approach to care that includes supportive technologies, such as Rice 360°’s Pumani bubble CPAP, education, and building acceptance for treatments.

The research supports the plan of Rice 360°’s international partner network (NEST360°) to reduce 50% of newborn deaths in health facilities across sub-Saharan Africa through a holistic strategy and a bundling of both newborn care and market services.

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