Halve Newborn Mortality by 2030

NEST360° will partner with hospitals and engineering universities to ensure NEST maintenance and continual improvement, as well as to bolster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.



The NEST bundle includes a package of 17 technologies that address the leading causes of newborn death in Africa: preterm birth, asphyxia (lack of oxygen) and infection. The package will include the most effective, affordable and sustainable options available in the marketplace to ensure comprehensive newborn care. Technologies for eight product categories are already commercially available, with technology for the other nine currently in development at Rice University or other organizations. NEST360° will partner with medical, nursing and engineering schools in NEST countries to sustain a cycle of product development and training and to inspire the continent’s next generation of innovators to solve future health challenges.


Global scaling requires collecting evidence of the impact of the NEST package. We will demonstrate the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of NEST in both private and publicly financed health systems in sub-Saharan Africa. Within eight years, the necessary evidence will exist to drive public sector investment and buy-in from local and international stakeholders like Ministries of Health, UNICEF and the World Health Organization.


Even where rugged technologies exist for newborns, most are not available for purchase in sub-Saharan Africa. Prohibitive distribution costs have impeded the introduction of medical technologies into the African market. NEST360° will distribute and maintain medical devices in African markets, beginning with Kenya, Tanzania and Nigeria, and will mitigate these costs by bundling the costs of sales, importation, installation and training for NEST products.




Within eight years, more than 16 million babies will be born in NEST-equipped facilities in Africa. This continent-wide initiative to reduce high newborn mortality rates is centered in innovation — imagining and engineering new tools that will effectively and affordably care for fragile babies in under-resourced environments.


NEST360°, a multi-institutional team of engineers, doctors and global  health experts, will innovate lifesaving technologies, build a sustainable distribution network and successfully implement comprehensive newborn care to catalyze scale in sub-Saharan Africa. This effort can halve newborn deaths in Africa at a cost of only $1.48 per birth.

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