Day One Project is turning turn the tide on newborn mortality in Malawi by giving vulnerable babies a chance at a healthy and long life.

Day One Project is giving pediatricians in Malawi the tools to care for sick newborns by establishing Day One nurseries at district hospitals across the region.

Day One Project is expanding the neonatal ward at Malawi’s largest teaching hospital by integrating highly-effective, technologies for newborn care.

“We’re calling it the Day One Project: a neonatal unit that provides excellent care to the world’s most vulnerable patients while serving as an innovation hub for affordable, high-performance technologies that can improve neonatal care in low-resource settings throughout the region.”
Rebecca Richards-Kortum, recipient of the $100,000
Lemelson-MIT Global Innovation Award

Update: We are excited to announce that we have reached our initial fundraising goal for the Day One Project. In total, your gifts totaled $339,928. Thank you for your generous support!

The Day One Project:
A Technology Innovation Hub for Newborn Health in Africa

  • Rice University faculty members Rebecca Richards-Kortum and Maria Oden are donating their $100,000 Lemelson-MIT Award for Global Innovation to the Day One Project.

  • The Day One Project aims to expand the neonatal unit at Malawi’s largest teaching hospital.  The new unit will provide excellent care for the world’s most vulnerable babies and serve as an innovation hub for highly effective, affordable technologies that improve neonatal health in low-resource settings.

  • Day One nurseries could be established at district hospitals throughout the region for approximately $5,000 each, making life-saving technologies available to more babies in need.

  • The Day One Project is turning the tide on newborn mortality in Malawi.

“As Malawi's largest teaching hospital, QECH trains the country's next generation of leaders in medicine. The Day One Nursery will serve as an example to these young clinicians of excellent care for newborns, while advancing innovative newborn health technologies for use in low-resource settings. The doctors and nurses that train with the technologies available in the Day One Nursery will be able to carry forward the experience to their jobs in hospitals throughout the region, multiplying the impact of the facility."
Dr. Neil Kennedy, Chair of the Department of Pediatrics,
University of Malawi

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